Dagens Nyheter (daily newspaper)

During his time as editor in chief at the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, in charge of its editorial pages, Hans Bergstrom focused on how to improve schools in Sweden. With a series of articles in 1997 and 1998, he transformed the debate to be more about the concrete conditions for well functioning schools: order in schools as a workplace, leadership, teacher authority in subject knowledge, establishing good norms for life. He introduced a principal from Harlem, Lorraine Monroe, who by example showed that schools can have a major impact, irrespective of social circumstances. The campaign for a better school had a strong impact on the Swedish debate. Bertil Ohlin-institutet gathered eight DN-articles and a speech on school policy in this publication.

With a series of articles in DN early 1997, Hans Bergstrom introduced “the New York model” for policing. The articles were preceded by a study trip to New York in the fall of 1996. By taking smaller life quality crimes seriously, New York had been able to transform the city from chaos into one of the safest and most attractive cities in the world. The basic elements of this extremely successful new strategy for policing were presented here for the first time to the Swedish public. The articles inspired similar reform efforts in Sweden.

Sweden entered the European Union as a new member on January 1, 1995. One of the first important issues became whether the country as a consequence should change currency, to the Euro to be introduced in 1999. The economist Lars Calmfors led a commission on the issue, which in 1996 recommended a “wait and see” approach. Within the editorial board of Dagens Nyheter, there was a pressure that the paper should strongly push for replacing the Krona with the Euro. Hans Bergström, as chief editor, was hesitant. In a series of editorial articles at the end of 1996, he took a cautious position. These editorial articles were later gathered in separate pamphlet - which now is available here.