Pharma and medtech

This book is the final report from a major project around the Swedish medical industry. Sweden has long held a world leading position in developing new pharmaceuticals as well as new medical technology. The pacemaker and the titan implants are two of many examples. But the environment for innovation and tests have weakened. The book reveals why and provides plans for action. They pertain not least to reforms to once again place Swedish health care at the forefront of research and innovation.

(Published in Swedish as ”Tre stora, tre små”.) The subject of the book is biomedical innovation systems in three major countries – USA, the research leader of the world, China, with grand ambitions, and India, with a fast-growing medical industry. But the book also describes how three smaller countries – Ireland, Denmark and Finland – have been able to advance with the support of deliberate policies. They show that it is possible also for a small country, with good strategies, to become successful in a field of growing importance for the future - medical innovation and industry.

Lecture: Pressures behind the Swedish Health Reforms


Lecture in Atlanta and San Francisco at Swedish-American seminars, about political institutions and healthcare systems. The lecture was published in "Viewpoint Sweden", number 12, July 1992.